Unsolicited dick pics

By CclionMay 5, 2021 4:39am — 66 replies
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Unsolicited dick pics
Ok, I’m not saying I don’t like them, but what is the deal with men sending them without even asking first (I’m not talking about being in an agreed upon relationship). I just told a guy that I didn’t care about the pics he had sent me because so many oth
Men's Underwear
I need to know What you want your man's underwear to be?
A discussion: When they hath no "hoes"
Heaven & Hell
What is your idea of Heaven? Hell?
Adjusting to a BIG partner
I’ve had 5 babies Prior to birth sex always hurt And my FWB is a larger guy and it took me 9 months to adjust. Virgo is like HUGE. I bled and tore even with lube and foreplay. We tried to take it carefully and so on, but he’s just big for my body. When
My ex stripper BF
Ever since I found out the Virgo used to be a professional stripper I can't stop fantasizing about him giving me a strip tease. But he said he never would. Yeah, I've seen him naked obviously and yes he has on occasion swung it in my face... but that was
The "C" word
How do you ladies feel about this word? I know it's disrespectful but would you consider it a red flag if a guy called you this, even as a joke? Do you think a man who uses this word has the potential to be an abuser?
low vibe
what zodiac sign male in your experience are low-hanging fruits? sun/moon? so easy that you got turned off? this super judgy. but i noticed this about super manly croc wrestling chicks tho. and i find it soooo confusing. they're really into low-hangin
Women don't share good dick
So, I was chopping it up with my lady friend and she informed me in no uncertain terms that if in the event we become intimate/exclusive...well...straight up, she isn't sharing - so threesomes are off the table. Her reasoning is personal to her but it tr
Moved to a new place and don't know anyone
What are things to do? I'm in USA btw I moved 50mi away from my hometown. Not really sure how to meet new people, from y'alls exp what has helped you ease loneliness and boredom after moving somewhere new??