Instant Turn Offs - What instantly disqualifies a potential sexual partner from actually being one

By AdreamuponwakingDecember 20, 2017 7:13am — 17 replies
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If a guy lasts under a minute everytime.......
you give him a blowjob would that be a plus for minus for you mind you he always make sure you climax though either before or after the bj
Dream Home
post pics or video
Ladies, how many men have you slept with?
a 5 or less b 6 to 10 c 11 to 20 d more than 20 e none virgin or you can just mention your specific number state your age too please whats the sluttiest sign here blowjobs doesnt count
Woman and peer influence
how much of womens friends opinion matter in initial stages of relationship friendship i think men have to be likeable to their friends as well
Sweet/innocent looking girls...
im interested to hear other everyones take on this for those of us girls who are very innocent and sweet looking - do you find that men or people in general are ultra turned off when you finally have to get mean and stand your ground ive even he
what would you determine a guy is a bad person
when you observe them 1 when he talks bad about his ex and you get turned off by him while hes courting you 2 when he wishes whoopi goldberg to go to north korea 3 when he doesnt take care of his children and support them after he divorces
Suggestions/Opininons for my new business?
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First time with new sexual partner. Would this turn you on or off?
hey ladies if it was your first time with a new partner and he or she stopped after 15-20 minutes of good foreplay to ask you what you want or like to do in bed would it be a turn on or off for you
What's worse
a man who keeps trying to slip you the tip metaphorically speaking or a man that respects your wishes and shows 0 passion or initiative or interest until you say youre ready please post in theory vs in practice
Annoying things men do
aside from thirst