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By DamnataDecember 18, 2017 3:05am — 345 replies
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i literally put myself in a deep hole how does anyone get out of this i wish i could hack into the credit cards themselves and hit delete
My DXP Avatar is back!
finally teena can you see the rabbit in my picture
The search for The Third Angel
apply here post a motivation letter http images6 fanpop com image photos 35400000 bosley-charlies-angels-1976-35481610-500-342 png
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serious responses only thx
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its daily and there are gym tips
"you're my number 1, janicka!"
is this an instant turn-off what to do if this is true anyway
Bunny Vocabulary
mum - my real mother mom - gemitati dad - hydorah papa - my real father bro dude pal - ands
Stop Liking Her Damn Pictures
because it works against you the moment you hit like on her selfie you are automatically looked at as the rest of the mothafuckers that want to fuck her no you are not seeming attentive you arent complimenting and you definitely arent standing out
Would you consider doing porn
with someone youre attracted to if they asked