Did you marry the love of your life?

By applecherrypieDecember 20, 2020 5:46pm — 36 replies
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Relationships Obvious Stuff... Why is my ex still contacting me??
im going to sum this up into maybe a paragraph if you have no children with your ex arent in the process of a divorce with your ex or have some legal entanglements with your ex the only reason only reason your ex would contact you is either a
Monogamy and attraction/emotion...
1 what role do you believe attraction and emotions play in ones ability to be monogamous 2 which of the following do you believe is less likely to be monogamous based on your answer to 1 a straight woman b straight man c bisexual woman d bisex
Gender catfish
why do non-binary individuals feel they have the right to withold information about their real gender when pursuing a person who clearly doesnt swing that way what is the purpose do they assume their personality is so irresistable i will forget im not
how attracted are you to someones natural scent have you noticed i have only noticed this with maybe 3 guys ive been with where i can still smell them even tho i havent seen them in days and have taken mult showers sometimes just thinking about them
Is it Chasing if you're in a long-term relationship?
what do you think doesnt matter whether you are living together or have been in a relationship for say 3yrs etc if you are calling your partner more than they call you is it chasing or is it just that youve been together a while and one of you is
Advice to self
for months now i ve been talking to this guy and feel like we could be a solid couple we share so many things in common and can laugh and joke around easily problem is he runs hot and cold often just when things are so easy and we are finding more and
Scorpio woman struggling after a breakup
background scorpio woman gemini man dated almost 4yrs ldr for the most part he lives in another country and has been busy with moving to another city new job etc and i have been supportive been patient then he became distant and cold responds
Can a man be affectionate with you but not in love?
say a man who is constantly kissing and cuddling you and holding you tight and doesn t ever want to let his hands off of you yet they aren t usually an affectionate person would you say this is a sign of him falling in love i ve been in situations be
Please advise- friend's toxic possibly abusive relationship. Virgo Male/Cancer Female
thoughts my friend s bf pushed her they were fighting and he took her phone away she was trying to get it back and reaching for it - he was seated and eating accidentally she grabbed for it it was under his thigh and a bit of food spilled on his
How do you stop thinking
about someone non stop it is really frustrating it is like an unspoken bond and you cannot do anything about it how do you distract yourself and stop thinking