I am so confused!! I am a Scorpio who got out of a horrible relationship with a cancer in January n in July I met this AMAZING Capricorn man. He's been nothing but good to me..we haven't even had any major arguments. We made plans about a month ago for hi
Hey my ambitious goats! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
Is it difficult being a man inside a womans body?
with a scorpio moon! What would do to try and get rid of somebody without possible revenge that can cause drama that hits close to home? I met her a couple years ago through one of her friends. Instantly she stared at me the whole day and wouldnt l
What was the deciding factor of why you chose your career? Passion and love for it? Money/Respect? Are you happy with the choice you've made?
Hey guys! So I have been dating a Cap for two years now, living with each other (up until late October) for a year. We hit a rough patch in September, but decided to take it slow a few weeks ago. But y'all, he is confusing the hell out of me. He used to t
He: Hey. You busy? Me: Hi im at work cleaning now, was busy He: Would've done this via phone but i thought you'd be busy. I feel bad because I know you're trying to grow this relationship and I'm sure sometimes you're frustrated because you don't g
Why my cappy ex check out on me even though he already want divorce and already in new relationship? He already blocked me on WhatsApp and Facebook. Our only communication is through her mother. Suddenly he wants to follow me on instagram. And like my pic
My birthday is Thursday... Cap asked me what are we doing as she took the night off work. I asked her "why am I supposed to figure that out?" She thought she was being invited to join a hang out with me and my friends and I told her no I just want to spen
I love how that astrotheme site has dominant signs of celebrities. Justin Bieber: Scorpio, Pisces, Aqua Selena Gomez: Leo,Cancer, Aries Brad Pitt:Cap, Sag,Virgo Angelina Jolie: Aries, Cancer, Gemini I always look at those planets to see how the
I am scorpio who is involving with a cap man now. We met each other and falling into each other. We had our happy time t
Guys i need help with a Capricorn girl.. we have neva met in real but we kinda fell in love an even she told me loves me as well an she will be mine forever an we have texted each other all night for a week now an i really love this girl from inside.. am
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a virgo guy who wants a relationship that is proven. My mom is a Cap
I've got a great friendship with a Cap, scorpio moon, sag rising. I'm Taurus, Libra Moon, Scorp rising.... We've been hanging out for a year. He became my friend, my feelings grew, we spoke about our connection but that he was having a hard time get
It always seems like it doesn't take much to bait them into an argument.
So I have been talking to this Cap for almost 2 months now. We have hung out multiple times, and have already became intimate. He is just so confusing. Sometimes the texts are great and sometimes they are like he could care less if he’s talking to me. But
So I have been talking to this Cap for almost 2 months now. We have hung out multiple times, and have already became intimate. He is just so confusing. Sometimes the texts are great and sometimes they are like he could care less if he’s talking to me. But
In this couple(if there are any haha) what are some of the issues you've faced? ..Cappy's are a trip lmao
I am a Pisces and kinda seeing this Capricorn. What I like about him is that he is blunt af, funny, loyal and most of all doesn't give up on me no matter how much I push him away. If I were in his place I would call me a cookiemonster and move on😂 Cons is that:
I meet this Capricorn man on campus through a mutual friend and started going to church together in a group setting. In the beginning he was such a gentleman opening doors, asking if i was comfortable in his car, telling jokes and going out of his way to

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So, long shot, but after searching and digging many pages with confusion that the Libra man gave me, I found out this forum and great to see the feedback from Libra people as well. To the topic, I am a Virgo with Libra moon, and currently in kind of somet
I was dating Pisces in 2016 for about 9 months. During the nine months I expressed how much I loved him and wanted 2 make things official but Pisces man kept giving me excuses such as financial stress.. so I cut ties with Pisces man but since I did he’s n
I know a few people on the cancer gemini cusp but they are cancers. Completely emotionally manipulative and controlling people. Kind of cold hearted too. I know one person who is on the taurus gemini cusp and he kind of has a difficult time with thing
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Being ruled by Mercury, I would like to know how does Mercury retrograde affect you? Do you hate this time? Do you think it throws you off? Do you enjoy it? Anything that you care to share that you have noticed?
Last weekend I got to a party. They were all my elementary school friends. I knew there was gonna be this one hot, bossy, aries girl that I had been intimidated by almost the entire time I've known her. When I first got into the house, she saw me.. and as