Guys just general question to all, do you think we have odd sense of humor? I guess it is hard to self-reflect but I know that I can sometimes say strange things which in my head sounded normal, only from people reaction I figured it wasn't. Tonight I
do you think it's true that Capricorn generally ages backwards? do you know any Capricorn(s) that look younger than they are... what is about Saturn that makes them youthful? Did they find the fountain of youth? Check out Susanna Hoffs, a couple
I'm a Leo guy with Virgo rising. I've been with a Aries woman for the last 10 years and we have 2 very young children together. In the last few years we've grown apart. Recently I have met a wonderful Capricorn woman who is extremely attractive, intellige
Found these series of articles accurate. I read mine and it was really good. Read the cap one here: Do you agree or disagree?
It often seems there are two schools of Capricorn when it comes, especially to this subject "He'll yeah" and "F**k no!!!" I'm interested in compiling opinions on the subject. Post what you like or dislike about your relationship with Leo's (or caps if
I am a Capricorn from former Yugoslavia who achieved a degree in pure math and mechanical engineering in my twenties, I am in my forties teaching difficult secondary school kids - I get the impression that I wasted time learning something which has no bea
Hi I began talking to a Cap man about 3 months ago. He seemed very distant, so I would only reach out to him every few weeks or so. Then came a point where I finally broke through his wall. He told me my effort was sexy to him and that it showed I was tru
My capricorn guy and me had a misunderstanding 3 weeks ago and suddenly he changed. He used to call me everyday on his way home and now he just call me before he goes to sleep. He used to text me like every 3-4 hours everyday just to check on me while bo
So there's this guy I really like and when we met he was having problems with his gf at the time and broke up with her. We talked for a week and he decided to go back and try to make things work with her and dropped all contact with me but by that point I
I only know 2 Capricorns and they are awesome but we're not all that close anymore, but seriously... why does everyone on here like them? Give me reasons. I'm just curious.. Teach me young grasshoppa's 🙌🏼
typical capricorn n butter ? was watching and i've seen this dude was a capricorn. he kind of having the ion givash attitude
I wanted a space from my capricorn gf but the truth is i'm not seeing myself going back there together again We always had an ups and downs relationship but this was like the last straw and i simply can't over look it . After having a short brake betwee
Ok, I don't even like making topics but my friend is driving me insane. Seriously. And she won't take my advice and calm down. So I am asking politely to please help me help her 🙏 Her and I went out Saturday night to a bar that we can walk to where we
Hey guys, So recently, I've been thinking of working on a business venture with someone. In the getting-to-know phase everything was moving along well until I've noticed subtle shady behavior. 1) Our introduction wasn't based on business needs bu
Hi Cappies - Its been known that Caps like their distance and aren't the best at responding or texting. They are highly consumed by work as well. Question for you all - Have you ever had someone you were interested in or early on in dating stages tha
Hi all, I'd like to ask for a personal opinion on a veery strange capricorn I've been dating for 7 months now. I am a Leo woman, 34, him Capricorn 46 born 22 December. Since the begining we have rather strange relationship..if I can really call it th
I recently started dating a Capricorn. When we're alone he is quiet, doesn't talk much about himself so I do most of the talking. However, when we're out with his friends he is very chatty, but he talks to his friends without even looking at me. Sometimes
Hi..Im a Gemini man by the way. I was very close with a Cap woman for quite a while, we were friends and spent all our time together. I told her I loved her dearly and she rejected me. Told me we are just friends, so I moved on. That was the last time
Just take a look at this Cap sun Cap Asc Scorp moon.. Aqua Venus.. Sag merc Anyways, I'm just guessing while browsing articles
Okay I'll explain. Gemini and Capricorn got involved. Gemini fell in oh so much love but Capricorn ran away. Gemini cried but is healing and will (eventually) fully forget Capricorn only..... Mothertreetrunking Capricorn doesn't want to be forgotten. Oh no
So met a Cappie guy handsome like a Greek god. Be being a Virgo gal was shy and a little to giggle. It was a little chilly outside we were with mutual friends and his bestie. We talked a little about meditation etcetera. He kept on forcing me to take off
Firstly, I'm a Sagittarius with a Taurus Moon and Sagittarius Rising. He's a Capricorn but I'm not sure about the rest of his placements. I first "met" him in 2011, I was with a friend hanging out talking waiting for the train to arrive, in mid convo

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Okay I guess they aren't blood but isn't it a little weird at all?
Been on a few dates shows nothing but devotion and never wants me to leave he clings when it's time for me to go. Messages a bit after the dates for a day or so then poof he's gone until next time. If I message him before he messages me it's forced, l
Been seeing this guy who i met from internet for a month and just things going real great, like we keep seeing each other at least once a week. And recently his mom is in town for 2 weeks, then his friend will be in town for 2 weeks as well staying at his
I'm looking for good short stories that make a strong impact. Any theme or genre will do. Some of my favourites are: - The Lottery - Monkey Paw - The Yellow Wallpaper Thanks in advance!
She's a woman I knew of around 5+ years and she had died. She's a taurus. We met through a community. Later around a year we got closer and closer. I got inclined to stay at her place more often. I knew a lot about her. But that's not what I'm talki
If I had a Scorpio sun, pisces rising, venus&mars in capricorn, who would I be the most compatible with? Who would I be the most attracted to and who'd be attracted to me based on this combo?
I know that he wants to always in check if his kids are doing ok. But these hundreds calls and drama if i didn't pick up the phone and such is tiring. Smh.
Does that means he wants to make me jealous or just wanna be honest about who he's been around with for trust sake?
Feeling real saucy tonight (wet 💦😂) What are some of the sex items, toys, gadgets, trinkets, you got for when you ready to get it on with yourself or your SO? LETS HEAR IT ❤️
I met a girl and her name is Maluma. I'm converting to heterosexualism and we will get married and have babies. Wish me luck guys. Oh. And we both love Britney Spears. [img][/img]
1) keeps up appearances? 2) tries to be reputable, have a good reputation. 3) tries to be super helpful. 4) is responsible and supportive 5) goes for secret rendevzous? 6) is a ride or die type? 7) super insecure about making the fir
Does anyone or has anyone had this with someone else? Hard or soft aspects? If so were you the venus or the pluto, what was the aspect and how did it feel?
I have a long distance Aquarius guy friend, he is going to visit me soon with his Leo gf and a couple of other friends. I've never met his gf before, they are in a long distance relationship for almost a year. Last time, this guy friend visited me and sta
15 years ago i was madly in love with this capricorn girl. I thought it was true love! but it turned out to be false. I caught her cheating through text msgs but she always would deny it. So one grateful day she comes to my door steps and tell me shes pre
15 years ago i was madly in love with this capricorn girl. I thought it was true love! but it turned out to be false. I caught her cheating through text msgs but she always would deny it. So one grateful day she comes to my door steps and tell me shes pre
A co-worker calling one of the girl's at work a slut for having a hickey all the time on her neck. Obviously, it's noticeable but I have no idea why this beach have to be slut-shaming her cause of a damn hickey. Like she got it from her boyfriend,
started off slow, but was funny, very raunchy. the show stopper was that fine dark skinned brother when a dark skinned man is fine, he's finer than most other men on earth.