So this Cap girl sent me a dm saying "hey there :)", the thing is she gives me small word responses and confuses me if she likes me or not. I'll ask questions but would respond boring, should I keep it going? In a way she seems interesting and been chatti
So, I thought someone said Caps don't say I Love You often. So I guess Cap/Sags are an exception to the rule? Cap guy told me very casually (I think we're past the emotional late night declarations) "143. Goodnight". For those who don't know 143= I love y
I just reached out to my Cappy guy after not seeing him for three months. We were never in an exclusive relationship, but had been casually dating for several months. When things ended, they didn't end well. To be honest, I played a lot of stupid games an
You have questions, we'll try to have answers. No question is too strange or taboo. :)
I've been knowing this cap man for over a year. We're casual sex buddies trying to see if anything more comes of it. So here's the problem. I've fallen into some really strong feelings for him and I have no clue how he feels about me. I tend to like e
I started talking to a cap man. We went to high school together but wasn't friends then. We reconnected on facebook recently, last Wednesday and instant attraction. He states he always had a crush on me but just assumed I wasn't interested in him. So Wedn
We had a turbulent relationship, it was passionate, possessive, jealous, all the bad stuff in there. I knew from the beginning he wasnt the one and treated him like so-karma soon caught up with me and treetrunked me up on a grand scale. 5 years later I got out
Ok this may be long - Im a scorpio he is a capricorn born in January. He fits everything I have read about caps to a T. both of us are 31. We met and started dating and it became deep and intimate fast. we both were like this is too good to be true. s
Would any cap women say that when it comes to liking someone you hide your feelings for them and act like you don't care or love them to their face and show the love an care behind their back? Because if yes, doesn't that suck because you would possibly d
Okay y'all this is grating on my nerves...the relationship/friendship is completely dead but he still is trying to do nice things for me. What the hell? I don't get it. For example: he formatted a retro pi to put video games on it for me but it doesn't wo
I'm a tad bit irritated but find humor in this at the same time.. Caps don't like to be the "underdog"..Clearly. So... Here's my situation.. I am always pretty direct with my Capricorn boyfriend when we have issues. I can admit, I have toned it dow
So let's start from the end I told the cap ex that i wanted space he gave it to me ",2,3weeks" he decides to contact me , I'm cool I don't feel the same about him as before , we talk and talk then he bring up the break up situation ( we broke up i tried
I'm attracted to personality more as I noticed, but I also tend to get bored really quickly. Could that be because of my Sag sun and moon ?
So my friend here in Alaska is trying to hook me up with some guy we work with. He's actually really nice and cordial with me. He was commenting on how I never smile. Lol. Anyway so I added him on social media.....come to find out he's an effing Capricorn
So I've been with this Scorpio male 24 for about a year and I'm an aqua 20. Right now he's sitting next to me and he's treating me like a wife. The other day he called me his wife. He just got his own space but it's really like our space and it's crazy. I
What is the main Capricorn stereotype that holds true? I.e Aries anger Sag bluntness Gemini constant mind activity Leo loving attention Not saying these are all true, just stereotypes that have some bases in their star sign. Cap?
I tagged him in a post and he went an hiding all of his tag photos. I noticed and called him out on it and let him know this feels awful and I can't go to this trip. He called me within 15 mins from overseas to apologize saying he should have tell me
How good are you at giving oral sex
I'll spare you the long boring Gemini, met the most incredible Capricorn girl, omw she's perfect ๐Ÿ˜…. We hit it off instantly and although things are moving slow, i still feel good because apparently its normal with Capricorns and each little s
I was at restaurant, it was a table of four. i was dinning with a capricorn friend, he's a gemini rising. and the 2 others was a random guy, but the type of guy i hate, people like i truly take pleasure to humiliate and, those kind of guy wearing mocassi
Do you want people to ask if you are ok or just leave it alone?
Kind of the same as the compliment question....does it bother Caps when their partner is being mushy or sentimental? I know he isn't quite comfortable with sweeping gestures or his own displays of emotion....I wonder if mine make him uncomfortable too

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Hello, i have just noticed that i am not very up to date with tv shows, and trends like fashion and so one. I have always been a person who didnt follow the trends i have always watched things that i like, movies i like , tv shows i like in one time. For
So, I thought someone said Caps don't say I Love You often. So I guess Cap/Sags are an exception to the rule? Cap guy told me very casually (I think we're past the emotional late night declarations) "143. Goodnight". For those who don't know 143= I love y
Im staying single for good. But everyone here is curious. What are Virgo men like?
Absolutely dumbfounded.. "On Wednesday, March 22, A
I am so excited, I am having trouble focusing on work and school right now. I am going to Europe from June 27 - Aug 2. The gem and I are going to a rock festival in Belgium the day after I get there (jet lag much), and I made a post about it last year, bu
He pulls up to see you and he hands you a red rose ๐ŸŒน What are you thoughts ๐ŸŒนโ‰๏ธโ‰๏ธโ‰๏ธ State your sign ...
So I've heard that Scorpios can tell right away when someone's fake. How do you perceive this? Can you also tell how a person's character is just by looking at them? Because it happened to me in the past. A Scorpio friend of mine said to me "You seem very So I'm hosting this sooner than expected since I didn't expect the last game to end so soon. I need (19) players the roster is listed below. Si
She pulls up to see you and she hands you a red rose ๐ŸŒน What are your thoughts ๐ŸŒนโ‰๏ธโ‰๏ธโ‰๏ธ State your sign ...
I met a pisces male got on so well. I have realised since meeting him that I sabotage good relationships. I upset him then when he wanted space I bombarded him with messages. I agreed to chill then bombarded him again. In the end he blocked me and said so
cause damn man when you hit it against something it hurts.
Brown.. Pink.. They all stink. Post a pic
Hey Aries female here! After a bad experience with a cancer female I have picked myself up and I am back to dating. I have a date with a Leo this weekend I met online. She told me in a message that she had a dream about meeting me last night and it wa