Sniffing bras and panties?

By SeaLionDecember 2, 2021 1:31pm — 52 replies
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just wondering if other straight dudes have had a one-off experience like this so earlier i went in for a haircut and to my surprise the barber next to my haircut was attractive like this long-haired kinda demure middle eastern dude very pretty dude
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after summer walkers album imma say sure lol
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recently my friend and i have taken a liken for each other initially we were exclusive travel buddies support friends we ve been friends now for 7 years met in college we started hanging out with eachother privately like going on picnic dinne
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hey yo after a great party overnight with some random chick when u text her back the day after the week after only when u are horny af idk since im a capricorn i generally text a hi 6 month after but it doesnt seems to work lol