How does one exude confidence

By TruemaraJune 15, 2021 7:57pm — 49 replies
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Do you want kids?
sometimes i get baby fever and want like 4 kids and dress them all cute and shit like tiny reindeers and believe itll all be ok because kids practically raise themselves right right then i have times where im like god i dont even have time for my
In general, what is something that you hate? What’s your sign?
i have come to realize that i absolutely hate shopping malls and you know what i m a girl i m supposed to love going shopping but i just hate how crowded the malls are especially around christmas season believe me i avoid them like the plague i w
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what use is fertile land without the seeds that hold the fruits of life https blog etemetaphysical com wp-content uploads 2015 05 seedoflifeincircle1 jpg id say neither because without the divine masculine in the manifestation of a cock to facilitat
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ever had one what s your opinion of them
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a cancer trying to communicate their feelings in a room with five geminis the only people in the room an aquarius trying to solve a problem with four virgos a leo working with other leos being subordinates of a divorced leo lol what do you thin
Zodiac Signs as Major U.S. Cities
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