wtf.... why can't the good looking guys get the girl

By hellosaggyNovember 14, 2017 9:58pm — 115 replies
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so ive tried the correct html way including embeding straight from youtube but when i click preview post it doesnt show the pic video it just shows the html details can someone clarify what im doing wrong example
Cliches/sayings/questions that are overused
he is an ex for a reason stating the obvious netflix and chill nauseating is he interested in me probably not
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where is it keys are here dl is in a purse shoes on my feet even i am laying in bed who cares right money never had much but what i have is here like 340 mind cant frigging find it maybe tomorrow lmao
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i read online between 400 and 600 hundred dollors per card or drawing was av so i put 200 per card cuz its my first time does that seem like a lot or not
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this is sofiav87 had to make a new account cuz i forgot my password i had it sent to my email 10x wasnt working lol ands message me butthole
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im sure us and europa have different notions on the types of elements that wear the different brands and labels of clothing lets hear it what are you wearing now what are you judging hard