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By Centaur12November 16, 2021 11:16am — 94 replies
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Why is loyalty and honesty so difficult for him?
i met a guy in january we have been crazy about each other and in may i found out he was sleeping with a girl he met before me and told he wasn t ready for a relationship we made it fb official in may and that s when i got a message i gave him a chance
Can two alphas work relationships/friendships?
ive come to realize i get bored unless i am interacting with other alpha types sag sun aries moon typically what happens is i overly dominate and end up being the pack leader that doesnt normally work in romantic relationships though ive come t
Need advice
i was dating an aquarius female and everything was amazing until last thursday she told me she doesn t think we are right for each other and said work this week is stressing her out due to a lot of travel she suffers from anxiety and depression she bl
My honest opinion
ok this go round my dxp experience has been great and even spiritual but i honestly think women cheat more than men they just hide it longer and better what yall think
Married or in long term relationship
how long have you been together do you still like them do you still enjoy having sex with them
Cheating alot in past relationships
would you pursue a relationship with someone who has cheated alot in their past they were honest and told you about it but they said they cheated alot in past relationships i am normally very non-judgmental and accepting but maybe if they cheated onc
Not sure what my Sagittarius friend is trying to do.
one of my former coworkers is a friend of mines we used to socialize a lot and lately we have been chatting more she dmd me a couple days ago and i wrote back to her telling her how life has been i have pics of me with my girlfriend on my instagram a
Leo vs Scorpio
soooo if youve seen my previous posts about the leo and scorpio leo claims he wants to be with me and has promised me he is going to make it happen just needs time scorpio is crazy about me and showing great efforts and we have a lot of fun together
No Contact
those of you who have gone no contact how do you deal with the guilt especially if you know that person is at a potential for self harm i just feel like i have abandoned him but i couldn t stand to be continuously devalued i got tired of all of my
Seriously why do men lie just to get into a girl’s pants? Do these men have a heart at all?
i m obviously not speaking for all men i just want to know why what in the world goes through their mind do these men not care to use people for their needs sometimes i ve been too innocent to believe that people like this can even exist they