How much weight gain before you leave?

By LibraSidDecember 6, 2021 11:53pm — 56 replies
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i cant remember what post it was on but i remember some of you guys said that you must be friends with a gemini first of all i am questioning my self if i done the right thing or not gem rang me and said well you wasnt going to call me was you a
Guys, What to do after breaking up, to get him back?
i am very confused right now so i just broke up couple days a go with my 1 year boyfriend at first i dont accept it but after 2 days trying his decisions is final we lived together so i asked him to send me back and he stays the night because i do
i just love it when i see karma at it s finest i recently came across two people from my past the following happened to i love it thought about sharing one story that karma s a real boss my brother had this good friend who was a total douchebag he
What’s in a name?
does a name tend to represent a person i mean do you find people that share the same name tend to share similar traits and how do you feel about dating someone that has the same name as your most recent ex what are you thoughts and experiences with pe
The Moment You Know...
that you have reached the point of no return as far as staying committed to the idea of never being in a relationship again im witnessing so much monkey-branching or cheating through women i know or confessions on tik-tok regarding doing those actions
Opinions male and female on how you read this
text him are you single l felt you were asking me out the other day me i am i didnt mean to come across that way i know youre seeing someone
Too Close Too Soon makes the Rship go backwards.?
anyone on here experience this you meet you fall in love its all very beautiful and intense and romantic but it gets close very quickly and so the rship starts going backwards did you both break up or did things settle and you started going
first of all hello to all viewers readers amp reply-ers to be clear from the start i am not interested in comments related to my sanity or insanity of the given situation i am looking for insight and future steps so all of you interested in shari
Question of the day
why do people who love you waste your time i cant understand why you would want to play games with your partner or not talk to them for days etc i understand people want space for them self as i do need that as well occasionally but no one is guarante
Why is loyalty and honesty so difficult for him?
i met a guy in january we have been crazy about each other and in may i found out he was sleeping with a girl he met before me and told he wasn t ready for a relationship we made it fb official in may and that s when i got a message i gave him a chance